Monday, 28 July 2014

Day One of the Summer Institute

We have just completed Day 1 of our first summer institute.  It was wonderful to finally meet everyone that we have been emailing over and back for the past few weeks and to spend a day writing and talking about writing.

Today we used, amongst other devices, memories of food, our names, and a box of buttons as prompts for writing.  The variety in processes and writing was intriguing and the room was humming with reactions and frequently resounding with laughter.

John MacKenna worked with us at the last session of the day and led debate around some assumptions about what contributes to good writing.  He also emphasized the need for perseverance, courage and imagination.

Looking forward to meeting up as a group again tomorrow!  


  1. What an enjoyable day I had today. Thank you to everyone involved. I had fun and learned so much. I'm just so looking forward to tomorrow's activities. Deirdre.

  2. Sounds like a great program! Greetings from the Western New York Writing Project!

    1. Thanks Joel! We are really enjoying the work and discovering collaboratively what a national writing project could mean here in Ireland. Lovely to hear from Western NYNP :-)