Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day Two of the Summer Institute

Second day of the Summer Institute brought two demos from our colleagues Louise and Ferdia.  

Louise used a great Roddy Doyle story to explore voice.  She guided the class with some principles around how she supports writing in her setting which included the ideas of: process and craft; modelling; scaffolding; engagement; reading; and that small things matter.

Ferdia set us up first as cinema-goers (virtual popcorn only!) watching a clip from As Good As It Gets and subsequently as screenplay writers.  The visual - pictures as stories - was foregrounded as was the need to for every word to matter.

We move venue to the Library tomorrow for Day 3.

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  1. Wow, from writing collaboratively in the voice of a transition year boy to screenplay writing. I had such fun today and learned so much. Thank you everyone for another day of writing institute. Deirdre.